Pregnancy is the most natural thing in the world, but if you’re considering conceiving for the first time you probably have a lot of questions. It may surprise you to know that you can go to Drs. Chelsea or Jeff for answers. Your doctor of chiropractic has been educated in the spine and nervous system, as well as the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Chelsea Pearson is the leader in the area of total wellness care and, in addition to performing adjustments, can also provide valuable information in the following vital areas of pregnancy preparation.

Reproductive Health

One of the first things to consider when contemplating pregnancy is your reproductive health. Do you have regular menstrual cycles, and are you seeing your chiropractor regularly? Yes, the two are most definitely connected! A healthy nervous system may be directly related to a healthy hormonal and menstrual cycle, and a healthy menstrual cycle is key to conception.

A Wellness Prenatal Strategy

A true wellness prenatal strategy begins six to eight months prior to conception. Do not wait until after you’re pregnant to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. It’s important to make a conscious decision to prepare your body. The reality is that most prenatal care is started too late; and your first stop should be a prenatal wellness appointment with Drs. Chelsea and Jeff six to nine months prior to pregnancy. Take fifteen minutes and discuss your desire to have a baby. Allow them to help you consider the things that you might never have considered otherwise:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Decreasing stress
  • Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Nutritional Recommendations

You don’t have to eat tofu to be healthy, but what you do eat is important when considering pregnancy. Take the time to keep track of what you eat and drink the week prior to your prenatal wellness appointment and allow Drs. Chelsea and Jeff to make suggestions. It may be that you’re eating perfectly and your nutritional needs are being met, but we’re talking about the nutritional needs of you and your future child here. It may be that a few minor adjustments need to be made and these can include:

  • Decrease and eliminate caffeine, sodas and artificial sweeteners
  • Increase water intake
  • Decrease fast or processed foods
  • Increase fresh organic fruits and vegetables
  • Decrease junk food, white flour and processed or refined sugar
  • Increase healthy snacks; including brown grains and whole bread
  • Decrease skipped meal times
  • Switch to six small meals!

Healthy eating habits are a vital part of a healthy pregnancy –you can’t have one without the other.

Pregnancy Exercise Plan

When monitoring your food intake for a week, take a moment to monitor your exercise as well. Write down what kind of exercise you are doing regularly and provide thatinformation to your chiropractor.Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you have to make an extreme lifestyle change. If you exercise regularly the truth is that you can continue to do so up to within days of your delivery, depending on the kind of exercising you’re doing, of course. If you like to go for a walk three or four times a week then continue to do so. If you aren’t into moving much then it’s time to change your prenatal lifestyle. Start with a short walk twice a week; twenty minutes is a great start. Then in a few weeks increase it to three to four days a week. It may not seem like much but it will make a huge difference in the long run. Walking 30-45 minutes three or four days a week can increase your stamina, raise your metabolism, lower your cholesterol and increase your overall health. Nothing is better for a woman preparing for pregnancy.

Other great exercise ideas include:

  • Upper body weight training –this will be helpful later for breastfeeding and lifting the baby carrier.
  • Yoga –flexibility and breathing control
  • Water Aerobics

Drs. Chelsea and Jeff’s Top Five Prenatal Tips

  1. Journal your nutritional intake and exercise output.
  2. Start a walking program (at least twenty minutes a day two days a week to start).
  3. Decrease stress, consider joining a yoga class.
  4. Begin taking prenatal vitamins prior to pregnancy.
  5. Maintain regular chiropractic care prior to conception and throughout your pregnancy

For more on preparing for a healthy pregnancy, check out all the ways Dr. Chelsea can guide you through the process with chiropractic care for pregnant moms, and check out our fertility and chiropractic newsletter. Additionally, consider the two pregnancy-based chiropractic methods Dr. Chelsea is certified in: Spinning Babies and Webster.